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Mandy Antoniacci is a Writer, Columnist, Founder, and award-winning Storyteller. She was named, "The Voice of Optimism needed for this generation," by Forbes, "An Entrepreneur To Watch in 2021," by Business Insider, and "Most Inspiring People To Follow" by Huff Post. Her inspirational writing and personal story have been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, Inc Magazine, Yahoo EntertainmentSports Illustratedand on the TED stage. Her debut book, the inspirational memoir, Uplifted: The Life-Changing Power of Perspective, is scheduled for publication in Fall, 2022.

After three unexpected spinal surgeries, Mandy spent 21-weeks of bed-rest, elevated in a hard brace. As a marathoner, immobility was daunting. Mandy leaned into the power of words to help her heal. From an isolated recovery bed, she started sharing what she wrote, and as a result, built a global fanbase reaching over half a million people weekly.

Mandy turns poetic insights from her inspiring journey of resilience and reinvention into viral writings, highly relatable brands, and sold-out venues. She has shared the stage with prolific storytellers such as Ron Howard, global wellness luminaries like Brene Brown, Deepak Chopra, and motivational sports figures such as Tony Hawk and Shaquille O'Neal.


Amid the 2020 corona-virus pandemic, Mandy created The Daily Uplift —a project authoring inspiring reflections and personalized letters to strangers, to help address its global mental health toll. The project received hundreds of submissions from five countries within one week and was used to uplift frontline workers daily. It has since reached 48 countries and has been translated into several languages. In the winter of 2021, Mandy is launching her first-ever retail line under the brand name, The Daily Uplift™, where proceeds help fund emotional and mental support programs.


A transformative storyteller, Mandy collaborates with global brands such as Asics and KIND—where she is an International Spokesperson and a face of their campaign, "Be KIND To Yourself."


Together with her projects, her forthcoming books, and her brand, Mandy pledged a goal to lift up one million people around the world in her lifetime.


Mandy can usually be found in New York City, where she resides, writing, or learning to run again in preparation for her next marathon—because there will be another.

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Partners & Collabs

With a gift for storytelling and a globally influential personal brand,
Mandy seamlessly 
collaborates with wellness, lifestyle, athletic, and luxury companies in various roles such as an ambassador, writer in residence, spokesperson, or creative officer assisting in product development and brand strategy, organically integrating brand narratives into her inspiring journey.
Mandy Antoniacci for KIND
Mandy Antoniacci for KIND

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Mandy Antoniacci for Monica Rich Kosann
Mandy Antoniacci for Monica Rich Kosann

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Mandy Antoniacci for Almond Cow
Mandy Antoniacci for Almond Cow

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Mandy Antoniacci for KIND
Mandy Antoniacci for KIND

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